TOP 5 Best Native Advertising Networks


Taboola is the world’s leading Native Advertising Network‎, serving 360B recommendations to over 1B unique visitors each month on the web’s most innovative publisher sites, including NBC, USA Today, The Weather Channel, Tribune and Fox Sports. Traffic Minimum: 500,000 monthly page views.

The best location for the Taboola widget is right below articles. As soon as visitors finish reading an article, they are served with targeted recommendations for additional content they may like. Our optimization experts can help you decide where to locate the widget on different types of pages, such as video pages and photo galleries.

Company Name: TaboolaPayment Method: Payoneer Direct Deposit Wire
Country: United StatesCommission Type: CPC
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Frequency: NET45Site Info: Alexa Whois StatsCrop
Contact Info: E-Mail – [email protected] Tel – 212 206 7663 Facebook Twitter Instagram Linkedin


Outbrain’s Engage platform is a content recommendation widget which allows you to monetize your content and increase site engagement. Publishers earn revenue whenever a reader clicks on a sponsored recommendation. Traffic Minimum: 1M monthly page views.

When choosing recommendations, our algorithms look at a variety of factors to determine the best links for each user, including contextual similarities, post popularity and audience patterns. Since our recommendations are personalized for every individual discovering great content, we are able to filter out post links that your audience has already read. Our algorithms are all geared to connect your readers to content that is interesting to them, and by extent, boost engagement with your site.

Company Name: OutbrainPayment Method: Cheque ACH Wire
Country: United StatesCommission Type: CPC
Minimum Payment: None
Payment Frequency: NET90Site Info: Alexa Whois StatsCrop
Contact Info: E-Mail – [email protected] Facebook Twitter Plus Google Linkedin YouTube Instagram


RevContent is the industry leading content marketing monetization platform. We are a highly selective marketplace that creates specialized monetization solutions for the world’s leading editorial content providers. Our selectivity ensures that our advertisers see only the highest quality traffic, which translates to industry leading publisher RPMs for our clients.

Large scale publisher who are looking to effectively monetize their sites unsold inventory benefit from RevContent the most as we are able to handle large amounts of traffic volume while giving them access to the industries top performing campaigns and offers. In addition we enable the publishers to run with us in an unrestricted manner, meaning there are no frequency caps, day parting, spend caps, etc.

Company Name: RevContentPayment Method: PayPal Wire
Country: United StatesCommission Type: CPCCPM
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Frequency: NET30Site Info: Alexa Whois StatsCrop
Contact Info: E-Mail – [email protected] Tel – 941 483 4188  Linkedin – Leading the Way in Content Monetization. distributes high-paying premium content that doesn’t look or feel like advertising and delivers engaged visitors to widgets can be set up to display varying amounts of sponsored content from 3rd party websites. When this option is selected you make 70% of the revenue generated from sending quality visitors to these sites. Over time, will learn and optimize to show sponsored content that performs the best for you.

Revenue generation depends on a variety of factors including widget styles and placement and the quality of traffic on your site. To get an idea of how will work for you, we recommend putting in on your site for a week and tracking the performance through our reporting dashboard. During this time, will optimize the sponsored content it shows to maximize effective CPM (payout per thousand impressions displayed).

Company Name: Content.adPayment Method: PayPal Cheque Direct Deposit ACH Wire
Country: United StatesCommission Type: CPC
Minimum Payment: $50
Payment Frequency: NET45Site Info: Alexa Whois StatsCrop
Contact Info: E-Mail – [email protected] Tel – 855 899 9147 Facebook Linkedin YouTube


AdNow – Private Content-Style Ad network. Monetize your website traffic with exclusive and new-branded content widgets. It works well in Russia and CIS countries.

Adnow provides 100% native traffic. Pre-moderated and safe, all our websites have search (60%) and social traffic core with a highly engaged audience. Average Adnow ad has about 2% CTR. It is a new and engaging way to get a high revenue of your content ads both for publishers and for content marketers.

Company Name: AdNowPayment Method: PayPal WebMoney Payoneer Wire
Country: United KingdomCommission Type: CPC, CPM
Minimum Payment: $20
Payment Frequency: WeeklySite Info: Alexa Whois StatsCrop
Contact Info: E-Mail – [email protected] Tel – 44 20 380 714 60 Facebook Twitter Linkedin Instagram Youtube Skype

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